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This website has a single author and I would like you to be on first-names terms with me. My name is Grant, I am Australian and have a passion for truth. I like collecting information and analyzing it. I became fascinated by the saga of MH370 and realized that the topic was so big it deserved its own website so I created this one. But why me and what have I got to contribute to the story? Let me tell you a bit about myself:-.


I was born in Australia just over 60 years ago so I have had time to develop my career in four areas:-

  • I started work as a mechanical engineer
  • then I worked for the Australian government for nearly 20 years where I learned a lot about radio, communications and satellite technology
  • but I changed career again after getting qualifications in computers and information technology and became a teacher, particularly a branch of IT called systems administration
  • and more recently I was managing a training company.

So, when it comes to MH370 I found that I easily understood the things that were new to me, like the different kinds of radar, the communication systems used by the aircraft and ground controllers, the role of Inmarsat, and other technologies.

I realized too that I understood the way government departments work and the process of policy and law, and could help explain why various things happen the way they do.

And with a background in IT and a hobby interest in website design I thought I could put together a site just for people interested in MH370. I didn't realize just how big that was until after I started so this website may be 'under construction' for quite some time!

I chose MediaWiki for this project because I had been working with it for several years and believe that the way a wiki works would be more suited than a blog or traditional website.

How to contact me

Email is my preferred (and only) option.

There will be some specific email addresses for contacts and I will add them here soon. There's a lot to do on a new site!


Version History

16 November 2014 - Published Version 1