Development Stages - Decoding MH370

This Site is being developed as a part-time project so it is a 'work in progress' which will take time to complete! It is also being developed in Stages, as described below.

Stage 1 - Structure

The first Stage involved setting up the website for the MH370 wiki, and developing a structure and style.

This Stage has been completed. Two domain names have been registered:- and an alias The website is hosted in Australia using MediaWiki as a platform.

Stage 2 - Official Content

The next goal is to populate this wiki with information derived from official sources - media statements and reports.

Instead of linking to government websites, or Malaysia Airlines' website the intention is to provide direct access to the media statements here. The main reason was because it is likely that the original information would be withdrawn from the Internet and access would be lost. This has occurred, particularly from sites in Malaysia.

Various Reports have been released and the whole content, or extracts only, have been included in this site. The work is progressive and perhaps will not be finished until the final Annex 13 Report has been released.

Stage 3 - Media Information

The next type of information to be added comes from news sources - mostly collected from RSS feeds. Some Reporters have done original research, conducted interviews and produced unique content. However, most major media companies simply base an article on an official media statement and then repeat the same article throughout their news outlets. Overall, there are now thousands of news articles to sort through for this wiki.

Estimated completion: end of June, 2015.

Stage 4 - Theories

This Stage involves evaluating each theory on the loss or location of MH370. It is no surprise that the official explanations match the officially released facts. And if a story is repeated often enough that is what people will believe. So this Stage involves looking closely at alternate theories and evaluating them against all the information collected through Stages 1, 2 and 3.

However, a key to evaluating any theory is to look closely at the sequence of events for the missing flight and determine the extent to which each theory correlates to known facts. To achieve this required development of a 'timeline'. This has been created but not yet published.

Estimated completion: end of August, 2015.

Stage 5 Site Maintenance

The final stage in the lifecycle of this Site is a maintenance phase involving minor improvements, clarification and updates if any new information becomes available.

Wreckage believed to be from MH370 has been found; the search will resume in January 2018; and a lot of information just needs to be added. Maintenance and updates will continue!