Site Goals and Purpose - Decoding MH370

Creating a site of this size requires a significant amount of research and time. So why do it?

In early 2014 I set up a virtual private server or VPS specifically to run software to collect RSS feeds on a range of topics including news from south east asia countries, possible conflict in the South China Sea, terrorist activity not reported by mainstream media, and technologies including space and aviation.

When Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing in the South China Sea, possibly as a hijacking attempt for terrorist purposes and most of the countries involved were in south east asia the news reader collected a lot of information based on these keywords. I widened the criteria and gathered a lot of data but started noticing conflicts, denials, confusion, and omissions.

I became fascinated by the whole issue so I decided to put it together in a website which would be like no other (that I know of) and create a wiki just for MH370. I hope it is helpful.


Site Purpose

This website has a very specific focus - it is for information relevant to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which went missing on March 8th, 2014. The purpose of this Site is to:-

  1. collect information from a wide range of sources and present it in a structured way which will be simple to navigate and eventually (perhaps) be translated into other languages (such as Chinese)
  2. create a Portal which will assist readers to find the original sources of information, in particular the items which are hard to locate (or which have since been retracted)
  3. assist the reader to evaluate the information. When news media reports items only to change or retract the statements a few days later it is easy to think 'I don't know what to believe'. One purpose of this site is to make things clearer. Ultimately you, the reader, decide what you will believe but the content of this site and the way it is structured may help.

Site Goals

The goals can be summarized as follows:-

  • Develop an awareness of the context of the loss of MH370, the scale of the search, the technologies involved, the consequences of the incident, and the process of reporting to international aviation regulators.
  • Remain sensitive to the human cost including the thousands of friends and relatives who daily face grief and loss in a time of no answers. Its not just about the aircraft, its about what happened to the people on board and finding acceptable explanations and answers.
  • Present technical information clearly, accurately and simply.
  • Use a friendly style, often using questions instead of headings. Avoid writing like an encyclopedia.
  • The site should help to remove confusion and provide comment without bias.
  • Present facts and let the reader form an opinion, belief or theory.This site is not speculative, does not promote any particular theory, and only refers to conspiracy theories and other bizarre ideas to rationally evaluate them.