Tooltips and Help - Decoding MH370

This Site has been developed for a multi-cultural audience. For many readers English may not be their first language. Adding to the problem are all the scientific terms, aviation terms and other technical language.

To help with this problem this Site uses Tooltips.

Other sources of Help include the main Menu and the Search facility.


A Tooltip is a small box which appears when you place the mouse or pointer over a faintly underlined word. The box contains text about the word, an explanation, or expands an acronym.

Example 1

In the previous paragraph the word acronym is underlined. Place the mouse or pointer over the word to see an explanation..

One common acronym is ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation. Again, place the mouse or pointer over the word to see the full name.

Example 2

Tooltips are used on the page for the Passenger Seating Plan. The seat numbers are enclosed in brackets like this [ 1A ] and if a passenger was allocated to that seat then it will be faintly underlined. Place the mouse or pointer over the number to reveal basic passenger details (from Malaysia Airlines Passenger manifest).


Main Menu

Major topics are linked from the Menu at the top of the page or screen.

If there is more than one significant article related to that topic you will get to a "landing page". Each landing page has a short introduction and then links to each related article by active buttons (mouse over and click) or from article lists which may have a "Read More" button.


The Search area at the top of the screen is for this Site only. It does not use an external search engine. Type any word which may be relevant to this site content and select the Search button. From the results page select any article which may contain the information you want.