Books and Journals - Decoding MH370

This page lists books and journals which have been consulted during the development of this website.

Items are grouped by topic.


Spitzer, Cary R. (Ed) Digital Avionics Handbook, Third Edition 2015 ISBN 13: 978-1-4398-6898-0

Specific reference is made to the following chapters:-

  • Chapter 28 Boeing B-777 Avionics Architecture by Michael J. Morgan, Honeywell

    "This chapter is substantially a reprint of material originally presented in the following sources:
    Morgan, M.J., Honeywell, Inc., Integrated modular avionics for next generation airplanes, IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, 6:9–12, August 1991.
    Witwer, R., Honeywell, Inc., Developing the 777 airplane information management system (AIMSAirplane Information Management System): A view from program start to one year of service, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic System, 33:637–641, August 1996.

  • Chapter 29 Boeing B-777: Fly-by-Wire Flight Controls by Gregg F. Bartley, Federal Aviation Administration.