MH370 Passengers - Decoding MH370

Malaysia Airlines released a Passenger Manifest after attempting to contact the next of kin for each person. That list is available in both English and Chinese linked from the Malaysia Airlines web page for MH370 [1]

The Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) later released a version of the passenger manifest which includes seat allocations. This document is available on the MoTMinistry of Transport (Malaysia) newsroom page [2]


  • MH370 was carrying 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members so the total number of persons on board was 239
  • All of the crew members were Malaysian
  • Four passengers did not check-in and did not board
  • Two passengers were travelling on stolen passports

Police Investigation

The Police investigation "cleared all passengers". Malaysia Police were assisted in their investigation by Police and Intelligence agencies from other countries and Interpol.

Seat Allocation

Where was each person seated? Using a typical layout for a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 and the MoTMinistry of Transport (Malaysia) list of passengers and seat allocation a diagram has been created showing where each person was probably located. There were vacant seats so passengers may have moved from their allocated seats but the diagram may be interesting.

Passenger Information

The information in the MoTMinistry of Transport (Malaysia) list has been modified for use on this website. The analysis explains the need for changes and corrections.

Passengers by Nationality
China153Includes 1 infant
Malaysia 38
Indonesia 7
Australia 6
India 5
France 4
USA 3 Includes 1 infant
New Zealand 2
Ukraine 2
Canada 2
Iran 2 Added (see note below)
Russia 1
Taiwan 1
Netherlands 1
Austria 0 Deleted (see note below)
Italy0 Deleted (see note below)

Note: Two Iranian passengers were travelling on passports previously stolen from an Italian and an Austrian tourist who were not on the aircraft.

  1. Passenger Manifest - Malaysia Airlines
  2. Passenger Manifest - Ministry of Transport

Version History

Date and Change (not including formatting)

17 November 2014 - table of Passengers by Nationality adjusted taking into account the two Iranians and a difference between the MAS Manifest and the MoTMinistry of Transport (Malaysia) Manifest. China/Taiwan was 154, now China 153 and Taiwan 1; Italy was 1 and Austria was 1, now Iran 2 and Italy 0 and Austria 0.

16 November 2014 - Page revised and references added. Section with buttons added.

15 November 2014 - Table of passengers by nationality added